Fun Ways To Eat More Kosher Pickles

Are you a fan of various kinds of pickles? Are you looking for more ways to incorporate your favorite kosher pickle brands into your meals? While sweet pickles have their place, there's nothing quite like a good kosher pickle. Here are some tips and recipe ideas to help make mealtime a success.

Kosher pickle burgers

Add flavor to your next barbecue and surprise your guests by making burgers with a pickle center. Since most kosher pickle brands only make whole pickles and not slices or rounds, thinly slice one or two kosher pickles into sandwich rounds. Make a raw hamburger patty that is flatter than you would  otherwise and put a single layer of pickle slices on top. Add a second raw hamburger round of the same size, on top of the pickles, and press down gently, to seal the pickles inside. Grill the burger as usual. Not only will the kosher pickles help to keep your meat juicier than usual, the excess pickle juice will impart a unique and delicious flavor to the burger as it cooks. In order to make sure that the burger cooks evenly, make sure to use room temperature pickles and not pickles from the refrigerator.

Tuna salad appetizers

Mix tuna and mayo together as for tuna salad sandwiches and set aside. Take one or two pickles per person and cut in half lengthwise. Use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out the center of each pickle half. Fill each pickle half with the tuna salad. If serving for a party, each pickle half can now be cut into halves or thirds across the width, allowing for easier manageability. Make sure to scoop out less pickle flesh if you plan on doing this, so that these delicious treats don't collapse when picked up.

Pickle soup

If you're tired of eating pickles in the ordinary way, it may be time to try turning them into soup. Add diced pickles from your favorite kosher pickle brands and sliced potatoes to several cups of vegetable, chicken, or beef stock. Let everything boil for a few minutes, then you'll add a mix of flour and milk. The flour and milk will help to thicken the soup so that it gains a more pleasant texture and consistency. For a richer flavor, some people add a little egg and butter, similar to Chinese egg drop soup. You may also add things like ketchup or, if you're not actually keeping kosher yourself, cubes of beef to give the soup more variety.