6 Popular Flavors That Will Make Your Box Of Assorted Truffles A Hit

Truffles make an excellent gift for a variety of occasions. They are perfect for a first date or an anniversary, as well as present for a co-worker at the annual office Christmas party. You can take a box of assorted truffles to a new neighbor as a welcoming gift, or simply buy one for yourself as a treat for finishing up a college course or time-consuming work project. Below is a list of flavors you'll want to look for in your delicious box of truffles. 

Butter Almond Toffee

Individuals who love a dessert that has a bit of crunch to it will appreciate the butter almond toffee truffle. This truffle not only has a brittle toffee layer that crunches when you bite into it, but also a host of chopped almonds. The creaminess of the butter and chocolate give the truffle an additional texture that is very complimentary. 

Dark Chocolate Espresso

Coffee lovers will appreciate the dark chocolate espresso truffle, which is infused with a bit of espresso that will supply the consumer with a little jolt of extra energy. This is very welcome at the end of a long day that leaves you feeling slightly worn out. The truffle is also made up of a dark chocolate ganache that is then coated with an outer layer of decadent dark chocolate.

Malt Whiskey

Individuals who appreciate fine liquor will love the malt whiskey truffle. This delectable chocolate starts off with a ganache center that has been carefully spiked with a single dose of malt whiskey. The dessert bite is then covered with a milk chocolate shell that keeps all of the ingredients in place. Just one bite of this truffle and you'll be hooked.  

Raspberry Madagascar Chocolate

When it comes to pairing fruit and chocolate, you can't get a better combination than raspberries and a creamy Madagascar dark chocolate. These truffles are designed to melt in your mouth, which is perfect for dessert enthusiasts that don't enjoy the crunchier truffles.

Chocolate Caramel

Traditional is the best word to describe the chocolate caramel truffle. The center of the truffle is a mixture of sweet caramel and a soft chocolate. The outer layer is made up of a dark chocolate shell that will melt in your mouth if you don't want to bite right into it. 

Oolong Tea

Consumers that enjoy a bit of chocolate with a nice hot cup of tea will appreciate the oolong tea truffle. After the oolong tea is made, it is mixed with a fresh cream. This cream is then combined with a dark chocolate ganache and encased in a chocolate shell. 

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