Five Satisfying Snacks That Are Keto-Friendly

If you are one of the many people living a keto lifestyle, then you know that sometimes it can be tough to find a satisfying snack that won't bust your macro budget. Furthermore, purchasing pre-made or processed keto-friendly snack items can be expensive and inaccessible in many regions. Feeling snacky? Try these five filling and keto-friendly treats: 1. Flavored k-cups. Sometimes a hot cup of coffee or decaf can hit the spot and may even satisfy a sweet tooth when you buy flavored k-cups of coffee pods.

6 Popular Flavors That Will Make Your Box Of Assorted Truffles A Hit

Truffles make an excellent gift for a variety of occasions. They are perfect for a first date or an anniversary, as well as present for a co-worker at the annual office Christmas party. You can take a box of assorted truffles to a new neighbor as a welcoming gift, or simply buy one for yourself as a treat for finishing up a college course or time-consuming work project. Below is a list of flavors you'll want to look for in your delicious box of truffles.

Secrets To Making A Perfect Margarita

Do you find the pre-made margarita mix from the grocery store to be unsatisfying? Do you want to make margaritas like the kind you can buy in Mexican restaurants? These tips will help you mix the perfect margarita at home from scratch! Use Fresh Lime Juice The best lime juice will come from real limes. If possible, use small, thin-skinned limes sliced in half and juiced. To make the juicing process easier, use a juicer or juice press for this purpose.

This High Fiber Pizza Crust Is Truly Delicious

Pizza does not have to be an unhealthy meal. If you are careful to start off your pizza with a high-fiber crust, it can actually be a healthy choice. This high-fiber pizza crust recipe is made with whole wheat and oat flours, along with flax seed for an extra fiber boost and a some omega-3 fatty acids. It's delicious no matter how you top it. Just make sure you plan ahead when making this pizza crust, as it does have to rise for 3 hours total.

Are You Always Out Of Ice? Then You Need A Countertop Ice Maker

If you're always running out of ice, you may need to supplement the ice made by your refrigerator with a portable ice maker. Having an ice maker has several advantages, especially if you entertain quite a bit or if you just love to munch on ice. Here are a few things to know about buying an ice maker. Countertop Ice Makers A small ice maker that sits on your countertop would be the ideal solution for your ice shortage.