Fixing Your Frymaster: Where You Can Find Discount Parts

In the restaurant business, you cannot get by without a good frying machine. You want the best, and you want it to last as long as possible. The top frying machines in the food service business rarely have problems with their parts, but when they do, you are going to want to buy them for less and save on the expense. Since the best machines often have the most costly repairs and replacement parts, it is inevitable that you will search for and purchase parts that will not cost almost as much as a new machine. There are a few key places to start.

Restaurants That Have Recently Closed

If a closed restaurant cannot pay its debts, it sells off all of its equipment. The owner may either post an ad about the sale or send the equipment to auction. Either way you can get your needed replacement parts for your fryers for less.

Professional Kitchen Closeout Stores

Professional kitchen closeout stores are not that common, but those that exist have quite a circulation of deep discount kitchen items. This is an especially helpful resource when your fryers are a decade old or more. The closeout stores carry machines and parts that are outdated, as well as some newer machines and parts. The only down side to this resource is that it is a hit or miss with the inventory that the stores carry. When you need a part three days ago and the closeout stores may not have it until a month from now, be prepared to search another source.

Direct from the Company's Clearance Warehouse

Not all food service appliances come from companies that have clearance warehouses. However, companies like Frymaster do have pricing lists and distributor lists with contact information that will help you find the parts you are looking for. These outsourced parts and the warehouses they are stored in will bring you closer to getting exactly what you need at the price you want to pay. You might even be able to haggle with a couple of distributors, such as K & D Factory Service Inc, who are looking to unload excess inventory.

Other Resources for Discount Parts

Businesses that refurbish fryers may have several extra fryer parts on hand that they cannot use but are willing to sell. Auctions and online retailers and auction sites may also have what you need. Most of these resources will have fry baskets, switches, cords and programming plates. For larger components, try the previously mentioned resources.