4 Tips For Making Meal Planning More Successful

Meal planning is something that can be very difficult if it's not done right. However, meal planning can be extremely helpful when trying to stick to a budget while still being sure that you and your family are eating healthy meals throughout the week. Here are four tips to help you make meal planning more successful:

  1. Cook Perishables First: After you have done your grocery shopping, be sure that you use meal planning to cook with perishables first. For example, if you bought avocados, be sure that you make meals that include avocados in it for the first few days depending on how many avocados you purchased. By cooking with perishables first, you won't plan a meal later on in the week that includes a perishable item only to discover that it has gone bad.
  2. Keep Your Own Weekly Schedule in Mind: Before you actually begin to plan out your meals for the week, think about certain events that are going to affect your day. For example, if you have a party to go to in the middle of the afternoon, then meal planning for a lunch that day won't be necessary. Also, you are likely to be tired when you arrive home and won't want to cook a complicated meal. Instead, for busy days, try to keep meals light and simple. That way you know for sure you will have the energy to make it. 
  3. Decide When You Can Make a New Dish: Don't try to make a new dish every night for dinner. The problem with this is that making new dishes require more concentration, since you have to follow the recipe step-by-step. Making meals that you have made in the past is easier since you probably have some parts of the recipe memorized. Instead, try to keep new dishes to a minimum, such as once or twice a week and on days that you know you will have the energy and time for it. 
  4. Plan for Leftovers: If you know that a certain recipe is going to make more than enough for your family, then plan a leftover day. This is a day when cooking can be avoided, but you can still put delicious leftover meals on the table for you to enjoy. This also provides you with a nice break from cooking, which will help you to keep up with your meal planning more easily. 

By following these four tips for making meal planning more successful, you can be sure that you are going to be ready every week and feel confident that you and your family are eating well.