Secrets To Making A Perfect Margarita

Do you find the pre-made margarita mix from the grocery store to be unsatisfying? Do you want to make margaritas like the kind you can buy in Mexican restaurants? These tips will help you mix the perfect margarita at home from scratch!

Use Fresh Lime Juice

The best lime juice will come from real limes. If possible, use small, thin-skinned limes sliced in half and juiced. To make the juicing process easier, use a juicer or juice press for this purpose. If you have no juicer, you can cheat by purchasing natural lime juice (not concentrate) from the grocery store.

Add Triple Sec and Tequila

Add triple sec and tequila to your lime juice. You can use whatever proportions you prefer, but a good rule of thumb is to use about twice as much tequila as lime juice, and lime juice and triple sec in equal amounts. Mix these ingredients vigorously with a stirrer before moving on to the next step.

Sweeten the Deal

Add a few dashes of sweetener. Go easy on the sweetener at first, until you know how much you like. You can always add more sweetener, but it's impossible to take it out once it's been added. You can use whatever sweetener you want, but simple syrup or agave nectar are good options for mixing with drinks. Stir the margarita and sample it before adding more sweetener or moving on to the next step.

Add Mellowing Agents

One of the problems with pre-made margarita mix is the acidity of the lime concentrate and the harsh sweetness of the corn syrup. You can distinguish your margarita from these grocery store cocktails by adding a few ingredients that can mellow out the citrusy margarita flavor. Light beer and sea salt both add body and richness to your drink, while curbing the sweetness of the sugar and tartness of the lime juice. You can add one or both of these ingredients until you find which combination works for you.

When adding beer, start by mixing in a few dashes of the beverage and add more later if you wish. When mixing sea salt, remember that a little salt goes a long, long way. Pinch a small amount of salt in your fingers and throw it in the drink. Mix it well, sample it, and add more if desired.

For more tips and information, try talking to the bar tender at your favorite Mexican restaurant near tucson az. He or she may be able to give you pointers while you sample a margarita made by a professional.