How A Specialist Can Create A Custom Wedding Cake & The Cost To Get One

Do you want your wedding cake to look unique? You may want to consider hiring a cake specialist, such as Denise's Delicacies, to create one that meets your specifications, as everything can be customized from the design to flavoring. In this article, discover how a specialist can design a wedding cake that will make the occasion special for you and your spouse.

How Can a Specialist Design a Custom Wedding Cake?

The first thing you should consider is the type of flavoring you want for the cake. If you and your spouse enjoy different types of cake, one with multiple tiers may be idea. A specialist can create a design that has a different type of cake on each tier or incorporate multiple flavors in each cake. For instance, the cakes can have one flavor on one side and another on the other, or the flavors can be swirled into each other.

You can also get a custom cake designed that has the colors of your wedding in it, which can easily be achieved with food coloring. If you don't want the actual cake custom colored, the specialist can focus on incorporating the colors in the frosting and decorations.

The great thing about a specialty wedding cake is that you can even pay to have a special photograph recreated in the frosting. For instance, you can recapture the moment when you and your spouse first became engaged in the frosting if you have a photograph of it.

How Much Does a Custom Wedding Cake Cost?

The cost of your wedding cake will depend on the extent of customization you desire. If you want a lot of fancy decorations and choose cake flavors that are not common, you are looking to spend at least $10 or more per slice. The cake will not actually be pre-sliced, but the cake specialist will make sure the cake is big enough for a specific amount of slices to be cut. It will all depend on how many guests will be attending the wedding and what you order the cake specialist to create.

Although specialty wedding cakes can be expensive, they are worth making a wedding reception a long-lasting memory. The beauty of the cake will become a prop for capturing photographs of your first moments with the one you love. Contact a cake specialist to find out what he or she can do to bring your cake dream into reality for your special day!